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I am Enough


Our Story

Welcome to the Social Hermit, a faith-based blankets and accessories store dedicated to offering warmth and comfort to women who may feel isolated and misunderstood.

Social Hermit Brand was inspired by Ania Pratt who intimately understands the sensation of being surrounded by others yet feeling unseen and unheard. 

She knows the desire to blend in, to suppress one's true self and opinions to avoid discomfort.

Once, she conformed to others' expectations, sacrificing her authenticity. But those days are behind her. She's reclaiming her voice and identity.

Through her creations, she aims to reflect her faith and values, offering inspiration and support to those facing similar struggles.

Her products are infused with God's word, a constant presence that has guided her through countless challenges. 

She's not just a social hermit, but a social warrior—and she believes you are too.

Thank you for joining her on this journey of self-discovery and self-expression.

Our Vision

The Social Hermit Brand envisions a world where women reclaim their voices, empowering others to do the same, fostering a sense of community and promoting self-love. Through our products and message, we strive to inspire women to embrace their individuality and support each other on their journeys of self-discovery and empowerment.
                   I am LEW : Loved. Enough. Worthy💜 
Hands Form A Heart Shape Against Green Leaves

Our Mission

To celebrate all women of faith at every point of their spiritual journey no matter what it may look like without judgement. To extend grace and love always, all ways.

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